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So, now we have it – 37 pages of indictment against 13 Russian nationals and 3 Russian organisations.



It seems to me there were two purposes behind the Special Counsel’s investigation from the beginning: 1) actually investigate election tampering, etc., and; 2) find or manufacture evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump. The latter part was the heart and soul of the “Russia, Russia, Russia” mania gripping the media, the Democrats, etc.

The indictment finds and alleges no collusion whatsoever between the President and any Russian malfeasors. In fact, it finds no impropriety by any American.

With the recent developments in the FBI/FISA debacle and with no evidence of collusion anywhere, it may be that Mueller decided to wrap this one up. It could also be that he did a proper investigation and that this is the result.

The issue is, of course, developing. More later, likely.

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