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Happy February 2018! I seems we’ve not had a cigar related post, here, perhaps all year. That cannot stand! So, I gladly present you with the following: maybe not directly on cigar point, but close enough.

From Taki’s Mag and Bunky Mortimer III: Up in Smoke:

Smoking is a physical pleasure that reminds us that life is not merely a physical affair. It is a debit against the health of the body that credits to the health of the mind. As such, in its own small way, it is a reminder of the afterlife. It is also part of a civilized terrestrial life, and European life in particular.

Please click the link and read the whole thing at Taki’s, they deserve the traffic. And we deserve the thoughts. (You DO read Taki, right?)

The article is primarily about cigarettes but we can safely extrapolate to cigars, maybe all the safer – not even sure about the debit side – the credit speaks for itself.

It’s a reminder that, in this day and age of signaling all manner of fake and frivolous virtue, the natural and finer things are frequently shunned. Black is white, up is down, war is peace, and so forth. Smoke it out, I say.

Mention is also made of P.G. Wodehouse (“WOOD-House”), Anglo-American humorist and tobacco user extraordinaire. Wodehouse’s work is set to make a comic return soon, via Vox Day’s Castalia/Arkhaven Comics division. (You DO read, right?!)

More Wooster, less Kartrashian.

And let’s have more like this:

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2006 Forbidden X, baby!