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Per a follow-up promise I ran the following at FP today:

Prepper Alternatives to the NFL (No Fans Left)

One. If not a total break with the game, then with the NFL. Consider college ball or HS. Or, better yet, run some plays yourself in the backyard.

Two. Speaking of running. Fall afternoons make for great times to go for a run, walk, or jog. Get out and get moving. Being healthy is a prime prepper activity.

Three. Hit the gym. Weights build muscle, which may come in handy, SHTF or not. No, you don’t have to be a 300-pound steroid monster like some of the kneelers. Just a little toning will go a long way.

Four. Speaking of gyms, why not add boxing, MMA, or some other martial art to the regimen? Beyond insulting our culture and values, some of the commie SJW types are actually dangerous. Learn to handle yourself. Hone your skills.

Five. Speaking of martial, practice the long-range martial art: riflery. Head to the range and hit some targets. Mix it up. Add in pistol and shotgun work. Three-gun fun.

Six. Football in America has kind of become synonymous with overeating junk food and mass consumption of alcohol. There’s nothing wrong with a little but A LOT leads to poor health. Take your new free time to clean up the diet.

**By the way, yes, I am obviously recommending alternatives that our enemies would rather you NOT do – so much more reason to try them.


NFL Football Fans Finger Flip Branco Cartoon

In related news: I’m not sure if I announced it here but we have reinvigorated the older, Drudge-style Prepper News Site. Please give that your daily attention.