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AG Jeff Sessions testified today before a gang of clowns Senate panel. They discussed A LOT. They talked about Russia. Then Russia again. This was followed by further talk about Russia.

Then they talked about drugs, specifically opioids. They say we have an epidemic of abuse and fraud in America. And, the low-caliber, tax-feeding nature of these discussants aside, we really do.

Last year something like 70,000 people died from taking and/or abusing opioids – either the doctor blessed kind or the cartel brews. That’s a lot of bodies: about 280 times as many people killed by “assault rifles” and about 6 times as many people killed in all murders combined; about twice as any people as were killed by “assault” automobiles.  Yes, yes, 70,000 is less than 1/10th of the numbers killed annually by either sugar or abortion, but this is about Sessions’s comments on the dope.

Sessions channeled his inner Nancy Reagan: Just Say ‘No.‘ Seriously.

His full (and I mean 3+ hours FULL) comments, here:

U.S. Clown Show Senate/YouTube.


All this has me thinking – this is a very serious and deadly subject. Maybe we should declare a war. The War on Drugs™! We’ve never tried anything like it so what could it possibly hurt?

After all: our war on poverty completely eradicated all poorness and suffering; our war on terror has eliminated all violence throughout the Middle East and from places like New York, London, Nice, Berlin, Orlando, Paris, and Minneapolis; our wars in Korea and Vietnam removed all traces communism from Asia; and our war on monetary policy has forever halted the down parts of the business cycle. And, all of these were achieved quickly and for very low cost.

As a first step I would recommend making drugs illegal.

As an interim measure I might make a dog and pony show of pretending to crack down on powerful special interest groups. Maybe a few show trials.

The last thing I would do is try to figure out why on Earth 70,000 citizens and residents of the greatest nation in the history of the world would feel desperate enough to resort to mind and body-killing narcotics as their (perceived) only way out. No sense in that.

Just say ‘No.”