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Okay, my site is now ready – if slightly incomplete. Please visit:

Perrin Lovett on Patreon.

This is where my work goes to the next level. I’m still setting up membership, pricing, and rewards levels, etc. It’s a new process. But it’s going to be a great thing, Go there and sign up – for now it’s only a commitment of $1 per month. For that you’ll get everything you enjoy here and much more in the way of special features.

Please watch the following video:

Perrin Lovett / YouTube / Patreon.

Could have been better, perhaps, but it’s a start. More to come soon.

A hilarious outtake from the filming:



Needs help, huh? Please do.

Here’s a site preview:


This is the next big step, one that will go a long way towards modernizing and expanding my operations and reach.

Please stay tuned. More great stuff to come. Thanks.