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Two things:

First, as an add-on to my Opposite of Free Market Medicine, the sad story of little Charlie Gard of the UK, President Trump offers assistance, if possible:

President Trump on Monday offered to help a critically ill British child who has become a flashpoint in the United Kingdom debate over whether the government should have a say in individual matters pertaining to life and death.

Trump tweeted his support for Charlie Gard, a 10-month-old infant on life support due to complications from a mitochondrial disease. The controversy around Gard has engulfed the Vatican, which infuriated some on the right by not immediately siding entirely with the parents, who want to seek experimental medication in the U.S. or bring their child home to die.

“If we can help little #CharlieGard, as per our friends in the U.K. and the Pope, we would be delighted to do so,” Trump tweeted.

Let’s hope there’s something more official than a tweet behind this measure.

The Pope and the Vatican also weighed in. Oddly the “pro-life” Church seems to imply a big dose of Romans 13 is the cure here.

The Vatican has weighed in, saying “we must do what advances the health of the patient, but we must also accept the limits of medicine” and “avoid aggressive medical procedures that are disproportionate to any expected results or excessively burdensome to the patient or the family.”

“Likewise, the wishes of parents must be heard and respected, but they too must be helped to understand the unique difficulty of their situation and not be left to face their painful decisions alone,” Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia wrote.

“If the relationship between doctor and patient (or parents as in Charlie’s case) is interfered with, everything becomes more difficult and legal action becomes a last resort, with the accompanying risk of ideological or political manipulation, which is always to be avoided, or of media sensationalism, which can be sadly superficial.”

I suggest that “dying with dignity” when a possible cure is available might not be lawful authority. Also, “sadly superficial” would seem to encompass the Vatican press office.


Vader does not bear the light saber for no reason.

Secondly, yesterday I plugged for Gary North’s (correct) position on the Fourth of July, the Revolution for higher taxes and all. He also recently posted some good advice for getting over your adolesent self.

I know people who, at age 16, did not have a strong self-image, and they have been afflicted ever since. The sooner anyone can shake this negative self-image, the better.

I recommend that at some point you should take leadership in some area of your life. In some area, you are in a position to exercise leadership. You may not have found this yet, but you are way ahead of the curve in terms of what most of your peers are aware of today. You will be in an even stronger position as the economy becomes less predictable and more threatening to millions of Americans. In a time of crisis, influence and power flow to those who take responsibility. That’s why the good guys had better be willing to take responsibility.

Read the whole thing. It’s good. You’re not 16 anymore (unless you really are). Move on.

There you have it: 13 and 16. Numerologists, make of that what you will…

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