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Well, that didn’t take long. I was a bit off with my Thursday prediction.

As I mentioned the other night, I really have to move on from the Londonistan attack.

And I had planned a little finale. I’ll just run the headlines here and now:

I planned some sort of tie-in with the Orlando shooting (not ISIS – that we know of) today and something about guns and crime. Use your imagination on all that.

I was going to mention the London bartender who fought the jihadis with bottles (because he can’t have a gun) and the ridiculous information known, now and previously, about the three dead attackers. TeeVee celebrities almost. Literally in one case. Had them but let them go. Nothing to see there. Their names are now public knowledge: I think it’s Swiss Cheese, Pig Fodder, and Thank God That Other Son Of A Bitch Is Dead – or something.

Then there’s the Congressional Cajun that wants to hunt the savages down and kill them. He’s new to Congress – only in his first six months – and still talks some sense.

But I can’t get into any of that now because, as predicted…

ISIS Strikes Melbourne

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the shooting and hostage situation that left two men dead in Melbourne overnight.

Live Melbourne siege: Turnbull questions how Yacqub Khayre was on parole – live
One man died, three police officers were injured and a woman taken hostage before police shot Khayre dead in Brighton, south-east of Melbourne. Follow all today’s developments

The gunman, named by police on Tuesday as Yacqub Khayre, took a woman hostage in an apartment building in Brighton, 11km south-east of Melbourne’s central business district, on Monday night.

Police shot him dead after he emerged from the complex with a sawn-off shotgun, shooting at officers. They then discovered the body of another man in the foyer of the apartment block.

Three police officers were shot during the siege, although their injuries were not life-threatening. Two police suffered hand injuries and a third was injured in the face and neck area.

The hostage had been called to the apartment through an escort service on Monday, police said. On Tuesday police said the woman was traumatised but not hurt. The dead man had been working at the serviced apartments.

Isis published a statement via a news agency linked to the group, saying the attack had been carried out by one of its soldiers.

“The attack in Melbourne, Australia, was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State in response to the call for targeting the subjects of the coalition states,” said a statement published on the group’s Amaq news agency and translated by Reuters.

The Seven Network reported the gunman called the organisation saying “This is for IS [Islamic State]. This is for al-Qaida.”

Not as dramatic as London, or London, or Manchester, or Orlando, or San Bernardino, or Paris, or Brussels, or Paris again, or 7/7, or Egypt, or Afghanistan, or 9/11 (kind of a pattern, huh?), or any of the other hundreds of recent attacks. Only three injured and one dead, Down Under. The “soldier of the Islamic State” doesn’t count. Ef’ him.

And, of course and AS ALWAYS, the SOB, one Yacqub Khayre, was well known to authorities. In his case he beat a previous terrorism charge from 2009. Then, SOB and his three accomplices (all either Somali or Lebanese Australian “citizens”) were just trying to kill soldiers at a barracks in Sydney. Nothing to see there. SOB dodged a bullet back then. Luckily he wasn’t so fortunate this time.


Australian “citizen” Yacqub Khayre seen here leaving court for PREVIOUS TERRORISM CHARGES! Julian Smith/AAP/The Guardian.

Our wise apologists might note that the IRA never carried out attacks in Australia. These monsters do. They’re in a war against all the West, not just London.

No word on whether any idiot pop stars are planning a vigil but we can rest assured they want unity – especially with the people trying to kill us (and slowly succeeding). The media will likely move right on past this one. Muslims are already planning fake indignation about “Islamophobia” stemming from the next attack. And that one is coming soon…