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Yesterday, Memorial Day 2017, I visited and toured a museum in Clearwater. Well, it was part museum, part aquarium, and part bay cruise – a great way to spend a scorching holiday afternoon.

Not being of the more daynte piscis set, I failed to grasp much of the entertainment offerings. There was a dolphin without a tail. There were some 4,000 or so humans without brains.

The dolphin sports a prosthetic appendage. The overweight droolers were similarly amended; each carried the ubiquitous cellular mind.

Towards the end of the day I did discover the point of the whole place. In a corner in a movie set (they made a movie about the place … or a place for a movie…) I found this:



I was pleased to know someone would dedicate a museum and a feature film (starring Morgan Freeman?) to a Partagas box. Sure, some dolt removed the lid and stuffed the thing with baseball cards or other non-tobacco rubbish. But it was the thought that mattered.

And the traffic. The traffic mattered and was horrendous.