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A new study (by a questionable group) says we are about 12 years away from 95% mileage in driverless cars. That means a computer somewhere else, that someone else controls and programs, will determine where and when and how you go. And the car will probably belong to someone else too. This means no control over your own movement about the land. And they will probably look like something from a low-rent Jetsons movie.


Hanna Barbera.

BCG, a slightly more reputable source, says it will be around 25% in 2030. Sooner or later (sooner) it will be 95% and then 100%. New cars, even if you buy one, won’t have any controls – no steering wheel, no pedals. Then they will make driving yourself illegal. (At this point Perrin will go full Rambo).

Eric Peters has an excellent expert’s take on the matter. THIS you must read.

Controllers loathe the random coming and going of people free of their control.

Most especially in a car owned by them – and not rented by the hour (the other shove/nudge behind all this; there is huge money to be made by shove/nudging people to pay by the hour – via Lyft and Maven and so on – rather than to buy and own a car).

In a driven-by-us car, we can drive as fast as we wish – assuming no armed government workers in the vicinity. The joy of acceleration – as much as we like, as fast as we dare. To not be part of a collective, a herd. To go our own way.

From a certain point-of-view, this is as outrageous as the pre-income tax days.

What is wanted is an income tax version of transportation.

Just as we are allowed to earn money – but only under certain conditions, and required to report every detail of every transaction to the government, which thus controls both our earnings and how we are allowed to earn them.

Control. That is the thing here – and the dupes affirming the desirability of “autonomous” (sic) cars are exactly that because they are basing their eye-batting affirmations on the delusional belief that the cars will, in fact, be autonomous – that is, still under their control.

But they will find – perhaps to their dismay – that in fact they have become like customers of the IRS.

All clovers will love this development. Most Americans will accept it. I will either go hermit or go postal. Screw the robots and Mordor.

μολων λαβε!