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A Honda drove down the sidewalk at Times Square, killing one and injuring around twenty just a short time ago.



The driver was not a confused old person. Sources report the act seemed intentional. Based on his picture and recent history, it may be time to ban Hondas – for the children and such. Common sense, responsible car control. Maybe they need a new “NATO” in the Middle East or, at the very least, some more tax dollars. More “refugees.” Something. Anything.


Paul Joseph Watson.

The new normal. Aloha Snackbar!


The Media: “Not terrorism.” “Probably not terrorism.” “He has a history of DWI.” “No Terror in Manhattan.”

The bastard, post-Emmanuel Celler’s America, ISIS-inspired (if not an outright agent) suspect: “I wanted to kill them!”

While you try to reconcile those seemingly different positions, this is the beautiful young American woman POS Richard Rojas murdered:


Alyssa Elsman, Instagram.

Rojas was upset, not that he killed someone and injured two dozen others, but because he wanted to get shot dead and did not. I’m sure more than a few of you would oblige his wish given the chance. It’s a shame we can’t reanimate Celler and shoot him too.

This “new normal” has to go.