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I was all set to do a short on some new U.S. metro areas population forecasts (fun!) when I got a message about a video. I’ll get to the coming urban boom tomorrow – and it will be fun. Now…

As some of you may know, I run a bumbling YouTube account. It features less than 20 videos from a 2-year span and it was last updated about six months ago…

Here’s the message I got:


It was in response to a video from Freedom Prepper (which is being reinvented bigger and better as I type) and posted on this vid of mine:

Thanks again to Mitchell. More stuff, eh?

Well, folks, you may now look forward to the re-re-re-return of The Perrin Lovett Show. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Maybe when I get my lazy behind¬†around to it…

Oh, and we’re going to start doing more vids at FP, more originals I think. Those should be fun.

Good stuff! Stay tuned.