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Maybe things will be just fine.

Maybe the invasion will naturally reverse itself.

Maybe the attacks will cease.

Maybe Macron will get tough on terror and immigration.

Maybe the EU can be reformed.

Maybe once a Rothschild servant isn’t always.

Maybe it takes another five years.

Maybe it takes another 200 or 2,000 or 20,000 dead.


Félicitations à Emmanuel Macron, nouveau président de la France.

Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron, France’s new President.


Daily Mail.

European election coverage, HERE.

Carlos Slim’s Blog’s (pretty good) analysis with electoral maps, HERE.

It is possible, if very unlikely, that Macron will thwart the invasion; he could adopt Le Pen’s policies there. That would be the best move imaginable. If not, it’s not the end of the world – more of a beginning.

I assume ISIS will get back to work this week or this month. Tonight they breath an understandable sigh of relief. Five more years of attacks should be all that’s needed to swing the majority around. And the National Front may fare very well in the French “mid-terms”. The Front did better than any pundit could have imagined. In five years, Marine or perhaps Marion Maréchal-Le Pen (major hottie alert) may storm in like Joan of Arc as time runs down.

This election itself was amazing for several reasons. First and foremost – the major parties were booted. Imagine an American presidential election with no Democrat and no Republican on the ticket. (Keep that up for the next four years…). Second, the NF happened and it’s real. There is hope yet for the nation of France.

There’s always hope. Even if things continue to slide, as they probably will, eventually the people will wake up. If a popular political solution isn’t available, another kind will be. On that chance, we of the Second Amendment might want to start stocking away surplus rifles for the French. They may need them.

Right now it’s: Macron does the right thing now and damned fast; National Front in five years, or; Tours 2.0 in ten.

Time will tell.