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Andrew Martin came up with a list of ways to tell if you’re stuck in the pseudo-real modern world. Find the list at Modern Collective (via LewRockwell here). I decided to spice things up and answer the twenty questions or points (in rather short form). Herein I copied the points and italicized my answers after each one.

1. You spend most of your time devoted to paying off a mortgage rather than enjoying life.

I pay a lot of bills – most I’d rather not. Things change.

2. You can’t wait for the weekend to come.

Every day is the weekend (or weekday) for me. It’s nice.

3. You judge your success by the car you drive, the suburb you live in, and the size of the house you own.

I used to but I’m free now – sort of.

4. The wealthy are rewarded for plundering the earth while those trying to save it are ridiculed.

Yes and no.

5. You work in a job you don’t enjoy, thinking the money you earn will offset the misery of working in a job or career you are not passionate about.

My “job” is my passion and visa versa.

6. You think that by a taking a pill your ills will be cured.

No. A cigar, maybe. A pill, no. *Note: I just, today, put the exercise routine into overdrive. There is some … er … chemical stimulation involved. More on that later.*

7. You think that someone focused on eating healthy, organic fresh foods is weird, while eating highly processed, nutrient devoid foods is normal.

We, the healthy, are out of place these days, true; there’s nothing normal about the slow death of fast food even if it has become the norm.

8. You think buying stuff will make you happy.

Only if I can read, smoke, or drink it.

9. You watch the news on television and think this is the truth.

Hahahaha! No.

10. You’re more focused on your favourite sports team than concerned about the natural world and environment on which you depend for survival.

No. I live outside the cave.

11. You believe growth and the development of the economy is a good thing and that globalization creates jobs.

Yes and no. 

12. You conform with the status quo and never question why things are done.

Show me a rule and I immediately start thinking of ways to break it.

13. You think traffic congestion, pollution, and sensory overload are part of normal everyday life.

For the masses, yes; for me, no.

14. You think there is a difference between political parties and that they will enact real change.

Hahahahahahaha!!! Good one.

15. You think there are terrorists around every corner and they are a threat to you and your community, despite the fact that you have 150 times more chances of being hit by lightning than being involved in a terrorist attack.

Woah! I get a lot of traffic from exposing the war. I do also acknowledge it is a byproduct and relatively easily cured.

16. You think eating genetically modified food and eating fruit and vegetables sprayed with pesticides is OK.

Wash ’em and it should be okay – on the 100 year average.

17. You think the mainstream media is independent and unbiased.

Stop! My sides hurt.

18. You think constant distraction through the media such as sport, trivial affairs, and celebrity gossip is news.

Whenever I stoop to hear some BS celebrity nonsense (rare) my first thought is always, “Okay, what are THEY doing now”.

19. You think living next to a cell tower is cool because you get better reception.

For me this is a slight (very slight) convenience. The rest of you should read up on EM fields and cancer.

20. You wait in line for the next release of the latest technological gadget

I don’t wait in lines and (despite making a living with it) I hate technology.


Warner Bros.

That’s what I got. I do not live in the Matrix, per say. However, I can visit it at will and frequently do – for now.

Try this quiz for yourself. In the original article some solutions to modern madness are offered. A few of these border on the … hippy-ish. Not to worry. As long as you’re aware of the problem, solutions will come along. Just know when to grab one.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m not going to watch TeeVee.