Here we go again. And this story isn’t even about a flying car. It’s a flying …. motorbike? Jet ski?

CLEARLAKE, Calif. — On a recent afternoon, an aerospace engineer working for a small Silicon Valley company called Kitty Hawk piloted a flying car above a scenic lake about 100 miles north of San Francisco.

Kitty Hawk’s flying car, if you insisted on calling it a “car,” looked like something Luke Skywalker would have built out of spare parts. It was an open-seated, 220-pound contraption with room for one person, powered by eight battery-powered propellers that howled as loudly as a speedboat.

The tech industry, as we are often told, is fond of disrupting things, and lately the automakers have been a big target. Cars that use artificial intelligence to drive themselves, for example, have been in development for a few years and can be spotted on roads in a number of cities. And now, coming onto the radar screen, are flying machines that do not exactly look like your father’s Buick with wings.

Silicon Valley is on the case. Problem solved. Now you too can zip around, 15 feet off the ground, at 15 MPH. Without passengers. Or luggage. Or protection from the elements. For about five minutes. Best to do it over water. Wear a helmet. And, as always, “now” means some indeterminate time in the future.


Carlos Slim’s Blog.

I have to admit that this thing looks kind of cool, in a Daffy Duck in the 25th and 1/2 Century kind of way… (Remember his suit or wings or whatever?) And it is very impressive it actually works – slowly, lowly, and for a very short time.

The Bezos-Gates-Google-Apple, flying, toy drone, Duck Rogers go-cart! Coming to a dealer near you! Sometime. Sometime tomorrow… Next year. 2030. Maybe…

I’ll believe it when I fly it.