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Friends, yesterday I made a mistake in my haste to differentiate one ISIS terrorist from another. There are so many and I was relying on the word of ISIS itself. My apologies.

Then, I identified the (latest) Parisian shooter as one Abu Yousif, the “Belgian” (likely from Flemish parts), and previously convicted murderer. I now think he was another terrorist entirely.

Today we learned the actual ISIS shooter was a Karim Cheurfi, a separate piece of excrement altogether. He’s a “Frenchman”. And he is no murderer (or wasn’t until yesterday). Rather, he has only been arrested for trying to murder people and for threatening to kill police officers – earlier this year. Or way or another, one name or another, they are ALWAYS known beforehand. Every. Single. Time.


Loyal “Frenchman” Karim Cheurfi, seen here with fashionable human shield accessory. The Sun.

Sorry about the confusion, which I note, was rampant in the media at large – hard to sort stuff out when the 7.62 diversity is flying.

What’s in a name? Good riddance!