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Fred takes note of the insane foolishness in D.C. as it concerns The Donald.

Hillary was on board with the Russia hysteria and the globalization and the immigration and so on. Trump could have screwed the whole pooch by getting along with Russia, so he had to be reconfigured. And was. A work in progress, but going well.

Too much is being asked of him. One man cannot overcome the combined hostility of the media, the political establishment, the neocons, the myriad other special interests that he has threatened. Mass immigration is a done deal. China develops and America, already developed, cannot keep up. The country disintegrates socially. Washington, always depending on war and its threat, faces a new world in which trade is the weapon, and doesn’t know what to do. The culture courses. The world changes.

Yet if only Trump showed some sign of knowing what he is doing, and could remember from day to day, if only he realized that wars are more easily started than predicted, if only he were not becoming an unbalanced Hillary.

Yet, apparently, he is.

Yes, a work in progress. And progressing very nicely. Tax cuts, they say, are coming. Just as Obamacare reform/repeal/replacement/whatever is coming along nicely … again … for the 90th time… Hillary is walking free. The terrorists are walking free. The judges and lawyers who support the terrorists are walking free. Julian Assange … is destined for prison. Goldman controls the economy and the currency. Bombs fall the world over based on lies. The swamp is thriving. No one has seen the wall…

There’s still a glimmer of hope left for this administration. But it’s a small glimmer and obstructed by the clouds and fumes of Mordor.

Fred did a great, typically-hilarious Fred job of showcasing the situation but he’s a bit late. I called this on April 7th.

MAGA can (could) still happen. But not with this crowd. Not with this government. Maybe not with this population.

Have a great weekend.