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Same as it every was. Notre Dame. Sidewalk cafes. The Eiffel Tower. ISIS terrorists shooting policemen with AK-47s. The City of Lights. In fact, they haven’t had it so good since June of 1940.

A policeman was shot dead on the Champs-Élysées in Paris on Thursday night in an apparent Isil-inspired terror attack.

The shooting, in which the gunman was also killed, was carried out by a man who was under preliminary investigation for terrorism but “let go”.

The attack raised questions over how yet another Islamist extremist known to police was able to bring terror to the heart of the French capital.

The shooting came just three days before the first round of the country’s presidential election, and François Fillon, the conservative candidate, last night called for election campaigning to be suspended.

Security will be heightened across the country in the run-up to Sunday’s election.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant identified the attacker as one of its soldiers, naming him as Abu Yousif, a Belgian. Police said last night the man had been identified, but his name would not be revealed until investigators determined whether he had accomplices, Reuters reported.

It was highly unusual for Isil to both take responsibility and name the perpetrator so soon after an attack.

Yes. So many questions. How did this happen? It’s not like the country has been overrun in recent years by savage invaders the government not only refuses to get rid of, but welcomes. It must have been the guns.


Arc de Terrorisme. I wonder if that officer is tired of this sh!t by now. Telegraph / AP.

Of course, as ALWAYS, the suspect(s) was well known to police. Really well known, this time: prior terror activity, murder conviction, etc. Abu Yousif? I believe the Yousif name comes from the Flemish region of Belgium. Damned Flemish. A convicted murderer associated with international terrorists … how did this happen? We may never know.

We do know there is an election, post haste, in France. Charles Martel isn’t on the ballot. Marine Le Pen will have to do. Vote Le Pen, now, and expel the invaders with relative peace and ease. Wait, and you’ll need the second coming of The Hammer.