A week or so ago I exposed the lie that is the flying car market. Or racket. Or just “lie”. Lies, lies, and more lies. Next year…

Then, I predicted that AeroMobil’s prototype toy would be a mere prop at the (then) upcoming show. Today I read this headline: Flying cars take off on French Riviera. Complete and utter BS!

Dutch and Slovak companies unveiled their designs as world premieres in the tiny well-heeled principality, where luxury automakers have gathered until Sunday for the Top Marques showcase event.

Bratislava-based Aeromobil, whose first prototype presented two years ago suffered an accident, is back with a “new generation” of flying vehicle named after the firm which makes it.

“We are taking reservations from today for deliveries expected in 2020, after the process of (regulatory) approvals is completed,” the Slovak firm’s spokesman Stefan Vadocz told AFP.

What did I say? 2020. 2030. 2150. NEVER. Lies. Lies. Lies. And more and bigger lies.


This is FAKE NEWS. The little car-plane that couldn’t. Phys.org.

One will note the expected delivery date is ALWAYS nebulously in the uncertain future. One will also note this sad display took place at a convention hall in Monaco. Cote d’Azur and La Mole were available, with all runways open. Then again, if you’re “prototype” can’t fly, what’s the point?

The good news is that your $1 Million, or whatever they claim, will go a long way in the general aviation market – towards a real product that actually fly – today, not in 20…never.

The bad news took place farther north in France today. I’ll be on that in a second, as soon as WP refreshes.

“Flying” cars … geesh….