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When I published my first book I decided to shoot a promo video on YouTube. That turned into a haphazard experiment in videography. Here, I strive for consistency, if incoherent. I’m in the 42nd week in a row of at least one post per day. That pays off, kind of.

Over at YouTube, the story is different. I haven’t made a video in months. The quality is substandard. I ramble. Blah, blah, blah.

Yet, and still, I just found out that my bumbling attempts to entertain on-screen have garnered over 1,000 views since I started in the Fall of 2015. For such low effort that’s a lot. Many thanks to my dedicated four or five subscribers. Will do better in the future. Promise. Fingers not crossed…

To view The Perrin Lovett Show, CLICK HERE.

Shooting guns and my mouth…

Here, things are great but still looking to go to the next level (whatever that is).

I have over 50 drafts sitting around in need to completion. Will do better. Fingers … yeah. On the published side, I’m nearing 1,200 posts. So, overall, my resume could be updated to reflect thousands of published articles, blurbs, books, etc. How many? No idea. North of 2,000, so …. thousands.

This was another one though not very thought-provoking. Hmmm.


Christmas ties, guns, cigars, society, and the evils of gubmint…