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James’s 10 New Reasons You Have To Quit Your Job In 2017 (2 of 10):


If you create $1 in value, and you have a boss, who has a boss, who has a boss, who has a board, who has shareholders….then how much of that dollar do you get to keep?

Well, now we know the answer. In the 1960s, a CEO might make five times the average employee.

Now a CEO makes 200 times the average employee. The answer: you get none of the dollar and the CEO gets all of it.

And what is that dollar? It’s money you created for the company. More of it should be yours. But every day less of it is yours.

Who will get fired first? The slave drivers or the slaves?

We know the answer. Executives took billions of dollars in bonuses when the banks got $600 billion in bailout money from the US government in 2009.

And everyone else got fired.

This is not a political opinion. Or a suggestion on how things could have been different.

But it’s this: now we know the answer.


Depression is highest in fully employed, first world countries. The two highest countries for depression? France and the United States.

We simply were not made to work 60 hours a week. Archaeologists figure that our paleo ancestors “worked” maybe 12 hours a week.

And then they would play, in order to keep up the skills needed to hunt and forage, etc.

Why is work depressing? Not all of these reasons but maybe some of them.

Being bossed around by people we don’t respect.
Being forced to be friends just because they share our cubicle walls and hear all of our whispered pleadings with romantic partners as we try to be as quiet as possible.
Seeing the 80/20 rule in action where 20% of the employees create 80% of the value and the other 80% just barely (desperately, fearfully) survive.
Being mandated by an 800 page guidebook how you can talk to people of the opposite sex or of different skin colors.
Seeing corporate political agendas rule over financial realities and not being able to say anything about it for fear of being fired.
Spending 6am to 7pm getting ready for work, commuting to work, working, commuting back, too tired to move when you return home.
Falling in love, getting rejected, and seeing her every day and then crying in my cubicle.
Or maybe that last one was just me. A lot of crying.

Jobs are not so great. And they cause a lot of suffering. And you don’t really need them. Bear with me.

You may not be ready to leave your job, but your job is ready to leave you. And the robots are beating on the door. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about alternatives.

By the way, therein James mentions Elon Musk’s idea of a “universal basic income” – guaranteed money for everyone when no one has a job. He’s not for it or against it – just a mention. That too is something to consider (that most will not). It is an idea that will not work. Part of the reason why lies in the hellish banking/monetary/taxation/debt system I covered (tried to) yesterday.

The world is changing – same as it ever has. It’s good to look around from time to time.