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Imagine if you bought a house and discovered, shortly after moving in, that it was infested with termites or other destructive little critters. That pretty bad. Now, imagine if you discovered that the former homeowner, who sold you the house, had planted the bugs just to mess with you. That’s unconscionable.

And that’s exactly what President is literally facing right now.

Trump, in Trump style, just Tweeted:


In typical, predictable, and quantifiable media style, the media (and the Democrat establishment) jumped all over the claim as “unfounded”.

Then, as often happens, the truth came out:

During the summer last year, the Obama administration filed a request with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to monitor communications involving Trump and several advisers but the request was denied, according to Heat Street former editor, Louise Mensch.

Just a day before the 2016 election, Mensch reported that ‘sources with links to the counter-intelligence community’ confirmed that a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) had granted a FISA court warrant in October to monitor activities in Trump tower.

On Wednesday, a New York Times report said White House officials took efforts in the closing days of the Obama administration to analyze and spread information about Russian election interference, driven by a concern that the material might get buried by Trump.

How smart is it, regardless of the underlying concerns, to FISA tap the incoming president? FISA actions and records, extremely questionable Constitutionally anyway, are secretive and sealed. About the only person who can access them is the president. That seems to have happened.

When does obsessive concern about fictional (or even real) Russian interference turn into obsessive interference with an Executive administration? We’re probably about to find out.