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The Ohio State terrorist attack is already fading from the news. By now, you’re surely aware of what happened today. This:


Drudge (you know, the “Russian” site).

Just yesterday someone wrote about the trends of Immigration, Terror, and Conquest. Today we see an immigrant using terror to wage a war of conquest. Funny.

Of course there is some speculation as to whether this really was terrorism. Rather, they speculate as to the kind of terrorism. Abdul may or may not have taken orders from ISIS leaders. Who knows? Who cares? ISIS is a little like the Alt-Right in that they have no leaders, next to no structure, and they just do not give a damn. Call them … Alt-Qaeda. The big difference is that the left sees a threat in one and hope and heroes in the other. As usual their logic is 100% backwards on which is which.

I found this excerpt, praising Abdul’s great contributions to the West:


I’d say he was more like the murderous monster invader of Ohio State but that’s just me.

This, I saw on the Facebook:


Yes, the sad news is not that this SOB drove a car into a crowd of innocent people and tried to hack up the survivors with a butcher knife. The sad news is that his Muslim status will feed all the paranoid hate bred by #trump. So very sad. You remember Trump, right? The new “Hitler” who disavowed the new “Nazis” – those latter being Jews, half-Jews, and Asians. Him. Hate. Sad news.

The GOOD news is that this POS was shot dead by the police.

You’ll notice I blacked out (African-Americaned out?) the above poster’s identity in an effort to protect the guilty. You’ll also see “#trump” – like he had anything to do with this other than calling for preemptive deportations. A little too late now. Then there was “#BLM”.

Which black lives mattered, I wonder. Abdul’s??? Maybe some of his victims were black. My guess would be that they meant Abdul. They have a history of lauding villains while ignoring victims. That’s why BLM has said nothing about the 68 blacks shot in Chicago THIS WEEKEND. BLM also heaped the praise on Castro. You know, he harbored a black cop killer and all. #BLM! Oh, as for all the black Cubans Castro murdered. Well, you know …. #BLM!

We have some serious problems to sort out if this whole civilization thing is to last much longer.