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I do not get sick. I beat the crap out of myself in the gym on a regular basis but I never, ever succumb to illness of the bug variety. Never. Ever. Seriously, I have had nothing more than a headache or a sniffle for over 5 years. Until now.

Now I am sick. Given my insane immunity to just about everything, this must be something exotic, something dangerous. Call the CDC.

It started as a running nose with associated cough. Then it rapidly progressed … er … lower. Still, eh, runny…. Anyway, the dread disease is passing. I expect to be right by morning.

Ah, yes! All this brings me to the cigar review. As a cure-all I’m drinking some black coffee and smoking a San Doro Colorado by Villiger. It is very good.


Now, leave me the hell alone. I’m sick.