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The Daily Mail reports that now 80% of middle-aged Britons are either overweight or obese. I am confident this reflects on my side of the pond as well.

Britons are so inactive that they do not need nearly as many calories as their parents’ generation, researchers claim. Guidelines suggest an average man requires 2,500 calories a day while an average woman should aim for 2,000.

But these were drawn up around the First World War when adults walked to work and visited friends in person rather than phoning or texting.

Britons are so inactive that they do not need nearly as many calories as their parents¿ generation, researchers claim

Researchers from the London School of Economics who analysed 30 years of data say the modern-day calorie requirements should be slashed.

Dr Joan Costa-Font, whose study is published in the journal Food Policy, said: ‘Typically, life in the 21st century might mean a commute into a desk-based occupation, and three or four meals a day, leading to many people consuming more calories than their lifestyles require.

‘We still eat like our parents did, or worse, but we don’t move around nearly as much as they did. People no longer have to visit each other to hold a face-to-face conversation, they can simply Skype. We jump in the car or the bus or the Tube rather than walking.
‘As lifestyles have slowed down and become more sedate, people haven’t amended their calorie intake accordingly. We should all eat less.

‘The amount of food we eat compared with energy expenditure is simply too much. If people were as active as they were 30 years ago then recommended daily allowances of calories would be fine. It’s very hard to change how you eat from how your parents told you to eat, but we should all eat less today.

I occasionally track various obesity numbers across various demographics. The U.S. in general is north of 70% overweight. 80% is the next natural measure. I once predicted that we are moving towards a virtual 100% score. Four-fifths of the way there, baby.


And I do not want that prediction to become accurate. Let’s us, the U.S., the U.K. and everyone else, use 2017 to reverse the curse. It can be done! Starting very soon I’m going to tell you how. It ain’t easy but it is also not that hard. You’ll thank me.