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Oh my. We have a winner here. Thank you to Gerald and Russell at the Top Shelf Cigar Shop for securing me my very own edition of this incredible stick.

My Puro is a Gordo-ish 6X64 beauty. It appears to be 100% Nicaraguan – filler, binder, and wrapper (Jalapa Sol). I think that wrapper is counted as natural. However it is a rich, deep brown and slightly oily. Have a look:


She’s full-bodied but not at all overbearing. I at once got the earthy Nica-ness I love along with terrific hints of spice.

It’s a big stick and very tightly packed. In fact I thought I was going to have draw problems based on the density. None. At. All.

For such a large chunk of tobacco, it burns perfectly even and the draw is effortless. I was more than impressed. It’s my kind of big cigar – tons of rich, flavorful smoke with no work required (excluding this write-up).

The smoke is much like the woman pictured on the band: elegant but you probably wouldn’t want to underestimate her. This is a near perfect blend of the glory of Cuba and the sophisticated power of Esteli.