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Facebook is building a network of “informers” to keep users in line.

One of the tools being tested will enable users to inform Facebook if certain news stories are using “misleading language”. Some users posted images of a Facebook survey asking them the following question: “To what extent do you think that this link’s title withholds key details of the story?”.

It is still unclear what kind of actions will be carried out after this additional user data is collected, but it is likely that some sort of a database, containing the list of “misleading” news websites, will be generated.

In a not so distant past, content curators from Facebook confirmed that they received direct orders from the company to decrease the relevance or even hide from the newsfeed stories and content with conservative language. While this happened in the US, similar stories have been reported in Brazil, the United Kingdom around the time of the Brexit, and in other countries.

Informers. Like Stalin.

Twitter has banned or run off half of its customers. Word has it the system is only held up now by the near-maniacal tweets of Donald Trump. If Trump jumps to Gab, it’s over for the little bird.

Gab, still in test mode, is roaring along. And the ever-baffled MSM isn’t happy about it. They, “diversity” mongers all, dismiss the real diversity at Gab with slanderous calls of “racist”, “Nazi”, and so forth. All lies.

Sanduja points to the startup founders’ backgrounds as a reflection of diversity.

He is a Canadian Hindu with roots in India. The other co-founders include Ekrem Buyukkaya, a Muslim of Kurdish origin, and Andrew Torba, the chief executive who calls himself a “Christian conservative.”

However, that kind of symbolism does little to mollify the concerns of those worried that services such as Gab keep users inside “filter bubbles” that reinforce their own ideas and block out other viewpoints.

“The service that they have created is an echo chamber for extremely conservative opinions,” says Lauren Copeland, associate director of the Community Research Institute at Baldwin Wallace University [and irrelevant SJW].

“It may be open to everybody, but it certainly doesn’t appeal to everybody.”

Translation: if we can’t control it, it is evil. Up is down. War is peace… Whatever.

I never got Twitter and left the service years ago. I’m still plodding through Gab though I find it energetic at a minimum. Facebook is becoming a place where I promote blog posts and occasionally chat with a few friends.

If you’ve been driven off Twitter or if you fear the FB SS will come knocking over that video of your cat playing with balloon, consider Gab. Sorry about the wait. That’s the popularity of freedom.