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I’m having a case of news fatigue or, rather, bad news fatigue. Therefore, I’d like to present another of James Altucher’s excellent idea columns on doing what you love. Read all 10 of his points. Here’s one of them:

C) More choices

I grew up in a suburb of New York City. It was a middle class suburb.

Which means everyone was middle management in NYC and commuted every day to NYC. Everyone was a “VP of Sales” at an accounting firm.

Around age 50 they all had their first heart attacks. Then strokes. Then cancer. Then some dementia. Then death.

Now, we have choices. A friend of mine spent 20 years working for Wall Street as a graphic designer. Finally she quit.

Since then she’s been inundated on every social media site for requests to do work at some times triple the money.

Why? Because now she posts art and graphics that she makes out of love. She creates her day dreams, the ones she’s had since she was a little girl.

People see them and say, “I want that energy in my life!” and they offer her money to do it.

She also took out the middleman – headhunters, design agencies, HR people, bosses, etc.

Let’s say I want to publish a book. I can’t do it unless: agent, editorial assistant, editor, marketer, publisher, bookstore purchaser, all agree that the book should be published.

Unless I just write the book and upload it to Amazon.

In every industry now you have choices of how you can make more money.

How can you get started? Hold on…

D) All industries are dying

Nobody makes a “buggy” for a horse anymore. That skill set is no longer in demand.

Okay, that was one point and a preview of another. They’re all great. Here’s a link to his article on how to publish – a subject I’ve been known to dabble in.

There’s a lot of uncertainty especially in the job market. President-elect Trump looks like he’s actually going to bring back and keep many decent jobs in the U.S. – for now. However, times are changing. The robots are here and multiplying. The traditional work economy still looks rather bleak for the coming decades and beyond. Which happens to be a good thing. It will “move the cheese”, creating a crisis which brings new and better opportunities. No-one else gets that like Altucher.

I get Christmas ties. Here are … 2! of them! Both snowman themed.


The big one on the right plays Jingle Bells. And I got it for a song at a discount store – I think it was $4. The quality is worth 4 bucks – will barely stay tied – but the song still plays after many years.

Happy Saturday!