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One of the great and many lies told by the Satanic globalists is that mass immigrant invasion and “refugees” bring needed diversity to the West. The truth is that the invaders, usually 100% at odds with civilization, only bring an appetite for welfare payments, criminality, and terrorism.

In the Netherlands, refugees engage in such diverse activities as: attacking journalists, murdering people, raping women, and bombing airports. Geert, expressing the alarmed sentiments of the people, called them out on these things.

Naturally, the Dutch prosecutors and their kangaroo judicial system went after Geert while ignoring the real crimes in their ailing country. Yesterday they convicted him of “hate speech” for his call to remove criminal aliens.  And you thought American “justice” was corrupt. No sentence was imposed beyond the conviction itself and a ritual shaming, which Geert ignored.


Dutch kangaroo court. The Telegraph.

It will be interesting to see what kind of retribution Mr. Wilders delivers to these inquisitors when he becomes Prime Minister in the near future. Perhaps they can accompany the repatriated invaders back to the third world. I’m sure they’d be happier there.