Well, it was bound to happen. After four months of unprecedented growth on this site and record after record, we slipped backwards ever so slightly last month.

It was the Thanksgiving week that broke the stride – and not by much. I think November 2016 was the third best month ever, close on the heels of one and two: September and October. You were busy, as I was. I can live with that.

In fact, I’ll focus on month over month and yearly growth for a second. This November was head and shoulders above last November (2015’s best month, by the way). And 2016 will see total site traffic nearly double (if not double completely) over 2015, which was previously the best year ever. I’m impressed and I as always thank you.

I extend a special “thank you” to all my friends from Facebook, and Gab, and the prepping community, as well as all the Google searchers of the world.

Next year, hopefully early, I’ll be introducing some serious changes and upgrades that will take everything to the next level and beyond.

December is generally a slower month though I’m already forecasting at least doubling last year’s numbers. And January should see post number 1,000 – maybe early February.

This little post about posts happens to be number 900.


The Simpsons /Fox.

Thank you all and good night!

– Perrin