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The Islamic State is somewhat inconsistent. They called for mayhem at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Nothing. On the other hand, they called for random stabbings. And the jihadis stabbed away like mad.

They’ve called, or someone called in their name, for a bombing at an L.A. train station today.

They’re also threatening Inauguration day havoc when Donald Trump is officially sworn in next January. It was reported yesterday: “[ISIS] has declared the day Donald Trump is inaugurated as US president ‘Bloody Friday’ as it fears a brutal backlash from the new regime.” A case of #NeverTrump on steroids, though the story is short on specifics.

And this would not be the first time the group has potentially targeted an American president in D.C. Yesterday also saw one Christopher Lee Cornell, nominal IS agent, sentenced to 30 years in prison for his plot to attack the Capitol last year during President Obama’s State of the Union speech.


CBS New York.

I’m always a little suspicious of cases like Cornell’s. The false flag radar goes off when I hear about FBI CI involvement. Cornell, for his part, helped turn off the alarm when he yelled at the hearing: “Allah’s in control, not the judge.” I’m not sure if Allah has a copy of the federal sentencing guidelines. The judge does.

Actual attack or not, one has to hope Trump will use his inauguration to lay out a plan to remove the ISIS threat from American soil. Trump could turn “bloody Friday” into “backlash Friday” or “repatriation Friday”.

As always, time will tell. And good luck with that Universal City commute this morning.