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The left is afraid. Of everything. They used to limit their animosity to just whites, men, heterosexuals, Christians, and guns (and especially if these were combined in one nightmare person). Now anything goes. If it makes any kind of sense whatsoever, they are adamantly opposed. They are so out of sorts that their hair turns blue.

And nowhere is this hatred of the normal and the traditional more evident than on college campi.

Colleges used to be in business to teach.Today they preach. And “equality” is the sermon of the century. We are all equal, in their eyes, no matter how wildly different we actually are.

Of course, some are so equal as to require special treatment. Take for instance Carlton University, Canada’s Capital University. Diversity and equality are paramount at this “school”. So much so that they have declared war on men’s fitness.

[T]he Carleton University Students’ Association, the Muslim Students’ Association, the Graduate Students’ Association and a residence association are asking that the gym at Carleton University reserve one hour per day for women only.

You see, men are scary. They are especially scary in the gym. True, men and womyn are exactly alike. But, still, the womyn need a little alone time. No worries: “Contrary to what opponents argue, this gym proposal is not sexism or segregation.” Feel better now? No segregation. It’s just equality and some are at least one hour per day more equal than others.

It’s not just the campus gym that’s under siege. Christmas is coming and the campus anti-Christians are hard at work ruining everything special about the season and Day. Daisy Luther listed nine American colleges waging war on Jesus’s birthday. The madness even pervades “Christian” schools:

4, Marquette University, a Catholic university, incidentally, has removed any mention of the word “Christmas”in their tree-lighting ceremony and discontinued the blessing and any mention of the Advent. One Marquette professor objected to this on his blog:

That “diversity” and “inclusion” require censoring and silencing all things Christian is a typical attitude of the politically correct. Of course, this is not “inclusive,” but rather exclusionary.

Genuine inclusion would mean recognizing the diversity of religious beliefs and traditions. The National Menorah, on public property just south of the White House, is an example. If Muslim students at Marquette wanted to stage events to celebrate Ramadan they would certainly be allowed to by Marquette (although Ramadan is usually in the summer with few students around).

But Christianity is different. Secular leftists don’t much like Christianity.

Exactly. Just as feminism is a false face for an effort to have womyn dominate men (one gym hour at a time), so secularism is a plan to overcome Christendom and replace it with empty, Satanic communism.

People are beginning to wake up to this nonsense. It may be found at each and every Western school. A small, easily frightened man, nominally associated with a college near me, recently remarked that I was “a little scary”. I suppose he takes offense at my seasonal display of Christmas ties. Therefore, in an effort to help spread equality of scariness, I proudly present yet another scary Christmas tie: