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Last night was historic for a couple of reasons. Not least of which because I stayed up until an hour of the morning when I am more accustomed to waking. I hung in until someone (anyone…) called Pennsylvania for the Donald.

Donald J. Trump is the 45th American President.



It was historic but not unpredicted. The margin of Trump’s win is still being calculated. However, it appears my September 26th call was damn-near on the money.

I, then, mapped the Electoral vote in best and worst case scenarios:


My “best case” call A  MONTH AND A HALF OUT was 327-211, Trump. This morning the fading New York Times gives Trump 306 or 307 electoral votes. I find 306 using the following map, the closet, most accurate estimate at this hour.


Actual tally map, 11/9/16. Fox News.

A side by side comparison:

One notes the similarity. I was wrong about only three states: Nevada, Virginia, and Maine. Not bad for so early a map call and I did originally shade all three as barely leaning Trump. By my worst case map I only mis-predicted Nevada. All three races were very close. I’m a little disappointed in Maine. VA was a truly a toss-up and I forgot about the 60,000 felons for Hillary. I have not been out West in an age; things, demographics included, have changed.

Yesterday I held to my September prediction. Just Monday afternoon, in a group discussion at the club, I called the same – including PA, OH, MI, the Rust Belt – against a small crowd of poll-watchers and nay-sayers. I told you so.

While personally unconcerned here I do have tremendous ability concerning politics. I know this process and I know you (most of you). This site isn’t just a collection of funny ramblings about icicles, football, and shotguns. You safely come here for the truth, improbable or otherwise.

You dodged a bullet last night. This was a titanic defeat for the globalists, the banksters, the Wall Street criminals, war-mongers, terrorist sympathizers, the forces of the anti-West, and, of course, the Clinton crime family. There is a long, long, and painful way to go to make things right. But you have taken the first incredible step.

Amazingly, Trump will enter the White House with a solid Senate and House to work with. If there is ever a chance to “Make America Great Again”, it happens to be coming in late January. Time will tell. And it will not be easy. Now reeling in defeat, the Satanic forces of the left will regroup and attack like never before.

Trump has the real chance to make good on his promises and to make real, lasting changes. Between now and the end of the year I will formulate some predictions for the future. I may also explain, plainly, what should happen, what America should do in its part to rebuild the West. None of this, even now, is guaranteed. It will be very difficult.

For now, congratulations to President Trump. May God keep him, bless America, and save the West.