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Here’s a little break from dissecting electoral college counts tonight.

I’ve covered the JFR Lunatic, the 8 x 80 monster allegedly named for me. Yesterday, coping with the end of my vacation and trying to get a little work in, I tried this:


A smaller, more user-friendly Lunatic: the El Chiquito. That’s Spanish for “tiny” or “little one”. I suppose by comparison to the original it is. This little beauty is a mere 4 3/4 x 70. Short and stout, a little Nicaraguan teapot. She’s crafted in Esteli. The finest valley filler and binder leaves Nica has to offer get covered by an attractive San Andrés wrapper. The Mexican lineage, I think, accounts for the color – not quite a straight maduro nor corojo.


She’s a little beauty whatever the hue. And the taste was fantastic. I found all of my favorite Nica joys along with a hint of a neatly subdued woody, spicy finish. Lovely. It was perfect for brunch, the body being less hefty than one might assume. Mine was pared with an Amber Ale the name of which I can’t recall.

It was a great experience. Many thanks to Brittney and Mike at The Tampa Humidor. Britt, that was the cleanest, best arranged Xikar display case I’ve ever seen.

So, next time you need a “little” break from the ordinary, remember the El Chiquito.