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This is a story from the Dark World, as described so well by Ivan Throne in The Nine Laws. It will sicken you. Or, it should sicken you. It should make you want to act. I have suggestions at the end.

I didn’t have time to get into the subject on the air with Matt Patrick yesterday morning but part of the problem with higher education in America (and Canada, the UK, etc.) is that the schools forego academic rigor in favor of triviality. Year by year, legions of poorly equipped young mush-heads arrive at institutions dedicated to frivolity. Math, history, art and literature take a back seat to social justice and lessons better suited for Sesame Street.

My point with Matt was that all of this is a horrible waste of time and money. There is no reason to go $200,000 in fake debt to bankster charlatans for such “education”.

There’s a pecking order to the foolishness. Womyn’s studies, black empowerment theater, and the LGBBQ buffet take priority. If it has to do with anything male, white, and Christian, in other words with Western civilization, it is shunned. And ridiculed. Stamped out or at least tampered with.



The latest pathetic trend is the attempted emasculation of men in college. Young men are taught that, among other idiotic ideas, being a man is toxic. A manly man, a straight man, a proud man of the West is frowned upon by the bunched panties crowd of modern, lightweight academia.

For example, a class at Dartmouth College this semester, “The Orlando Syllabus,” identifies so-called toxic masculinity as playing a role in the mass murder spree at a Florida club during the summer. This despite the fact that the gunman, Omar Mateen, told police on the phone as he committed the massacre he did it on behalf of ISIS.

Other instances of combating toxic masculinity on campus can be found at both the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Duke University, which launched programs specifically designed for male students to delve into “violent masculinity” and “healthier masculinity” and discuss issues like gender fluidity.

“How has the concept of masculinity contributed to the perpetration of violence in our society?” asks the UNC Men’s Project website.

Duke University started a similar program this semester for male students to reflect on topics such as patriarchy, male privilege, rape culture, pornography, machismo and “the language of dominance,” Fox News reported.

At a mandatory freshmen orientation training at Gettysburg College in August, male students had to watch a documentary which stated in part that the “three most destructive words” a boy can hear growing up is “be a man.” The freshmen also went through breakout sessions in which they were told mass shooting sprees are rooted in toxic masculinity.

The “Thrive” club, part of the Claremont colleges consortium which meets as a “safe space” to talk about mental health, advertises that “masculinity can be extremely toxic to our mental health, both to the people who are pressured to preform it and the people who are inevitably influenced by it.”

The group refuses to disclose the contents of its discussions due to “confidentiality concerns,” but students who attended one of the sessions reported that there was “a common consensus that masculinity is harmful both to those who express it and those affected by it,” the Claremont Independent reported.

Various promotional videos promoting health masculinity advocate challenging “the traditional norms of what we envision masculinity to be” by recognizing “male privilege.” Goals touted through the education include undoing a legacy of “harm, oppression and dominance.”

This trend did not emerge over night. Last year, Vanderbilt University hosted “Healthy Masculinities Week,” led in part by Jackson Katz, the first man to minor in women studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Every group identity under the sun goddess is represented on campus except for men. Until now. Let’s use UNC as an example. The once proud Tarheels now have a Men’s Project. Not a center or a studies course or separate college mind you. Those are for the favored groups. A project is something to work on. And they’re hard at work, working on deconstructing masculinity.

This Men’s “Project” is an offshoot of the Student Wellness Office (because manliness is a sickness to treat) and the Carolina Womyn’s Center (because womyn). Womyn get a center, men are a project. And men need to be made well. That should tell you everything you need to know.

What is the UNC Men’s Project?

The UNC Men’s Project is an initiative started in 2013 that seeks to create opportunities for male-identified students to learn, listen, reflect, and work together to increase men’s involvement in gender equity and violence prevention efforts. This program works to promote healthier masculinities on campus and to shift the culture of masculinity toward more non-violent norms. The UNC Men’s Project is a designated High Impact Practice in Student Affairs, and is co-sponsored and supported by Student Wellness and the Carolina Women’s Center.

The 2016-2017 Cohort will be hold weekly cohort sessions in Fall on Wednesdays from 6-8 pm, from September 21 through November 30 (no meetings during week of Fall Break or Thanksgiving). The application for this year has closed.

What does it mean to be a man?

How does masculinity serve as a beneficial and/or harmful influence in our lives? How does it affect our relationships with other men, with women and with people of all gender expressions?

How has the concept of masculinity contributed to the perpetration of violence in our society? Men commit the vast majority of violence, yet the vast majority of men neither commit nor condone violence. And many men and boys are subjected to some form of violence at the hands of other men. How do we confront this issue?

In short, how do we create spaces for men to talk honestly with other men and to practice healthier, more positive masculinities?

These are the questions the UNC Men’s Project seeks to answer.

How can you get involved?

Educational Programming

The UNC Men’s Project starts with a 10-week program in the fall semester that (1) explores a spectrum of masculinities, (2) examines how our own stories are shaped by masculinity, and (3) gives participants the tools and knowledge to become peer allies, leaders, and educators in violence prevention and gender equity efforts at UNC.

Student Community

The UNC Men’s Project works year-round with a variety of campus and community partners to support ongoing efforts focused on violence prevention and gender equity at UNC Chapel Hill. The groups hosts meetings, workshops, events, and discussion groups to provide a space for students, both from our training program and the general student body, to continue their process of learning, listening, reflecting, and working together to make UNC a safer and more equitable community.

Safety and equity for all – all except men. Men used to have plenty of spaces to talk honestly. One of the foremost was the university. Now they get bigoted pyscho-babble in place of honest discussion. And I imagine it’s more of a talking to than a discussion. A talking down to. “You’re all rapists. You’re all violent. You’re too strong. Try some makeup. Cry with us in the safe space.”

The Project’s advisory board includes nuts from: the womyn’s center, the black power movement, the multi-culti affairs office, the local rape crisis center, and the LGBBQ bathhouse. I’m surprised ISIS isn’t represented.


From this description the idea is clear: men are a bunch of stupid and violent savages (geometry, the moon landing, nuclear power, symphonies, the polio vaccine, the concept of the university, civilization, and all that irrelevant stuff aside); the women must teach the men to be a bit more effeminate. To be docile. To be wimpy. To be slaves. Happy little sheep.

Here’s what we need to do with this garbage. First, if you are a man (or a real woman) at one of these “schools”, leave. Don’t pay another cent for this communist BS.

Well, actually, don’t quit immediately. Turn the tables before you go. A young man should attend one of these workshops or gulag camps or whatever. Take a large spider with you. Once the chief b*tch or masculine feminist is babbling away, release the spider where it will be noticed. I predict that as soon as the safety and equity nitwits see it they will panic. They will ask you or any other man present to kill it (probably while screaming and standing on chairs). Please have someone video record all of this. Send me a copy.

When they freak out and demand you act, you that start crying (use a small squirt bottle). Scream out that you’re the victim of a micro-aggression! Tell them squashing spiders is for real men and that the thought of it is toxic to you, more deadly than the spider’s venom. Through your hysteria, manage a call to 911 and report the Project for conspiracy to commit animal cruelty. Insist officers be dispatched. Make a scene of these fools. Notify the media. Then leave. Don’t ever go back. Don’t even think about it. Laugh and be grateful to escape the fate of a eunuch.

**Please make sure the spider gets out unharmed. He might be your only friend on campus. Give him a fly as a reward.**


“I can haz safe spaze?” Git ’em lil’ buddy! The Verge.

Now, all of you who are thinking about college or who have children looking at colleges, let this serve as a warning. Nonsense like this Project is a barometer of how bad a school really is. Have nothing whatsoever to do with any such institution of stupidity.

If you’re an alumnus, contact the school alumni begging office, the president, and the regents or whoever controls education in the jurisdiction. Tell them you will not donate another penny to the school. Tell them why. Tell them to take their project and shove it.

The rest of you need to abandon these wicked places. Don’t support them. Don’t visit them. Don’t watch their felon ball teams. Don’t do business with them. Pretend they do not exist unless you pause to decry their degeneracy.

If you are a legislator or a board member or someone with power over a school, move to defund and/or abolish it. Taxes and endowment monies would be better utilized elsewhere – anywhere else and for anything else. Take a stand.

We have to stand. They declared war. They started it. We must finish it. That’s what violent, savage, atom-smashing, arachnid phylum conjuring, sound-barrier breaking, transatlantic crossing, other world exploring, college founding, taxpaying, terrorism fighting, carrying everyone else on strong backs cavemen do. It’s the manly thing.