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After years of questioning my allegiance to this increasingly alien cultural spectacle and after six weeks of methodical evaluation I am cutting my fan participation with the NFL and the NCAA.

Among my reasons, I find that organized football has become, among other things:




Anti-free speech (unless it’s subversive speech);

Anti-masculine; and even


The slow, boring, ruled-plagued, and ultra-politically correct games do several terrible cultural things. They allow for constant display of debasement even to the openly Satanic. They promote the literally worship of false idols, of the worst sort conceivable. And they promote abject laziness, idiocy and apathy. They have become beyond useless.

A few of you might recall my abandonment of baseball in the summer of 1994. This move is similar though for more profound reasons. However, as with baseball and like a good hypocrite, I reserve the right to occasionally partake in special circumstances (i.e. the Patriots next Superbowl run).

Millions of Americans are rejecting the NFL and with good reason. I’m not asking anyone to join the flight. I’m just saying it is a dead sport fit only for a dead society. I prefer a more viable pastime.

If you agree, then rid yourselves of this toxic sub-culture. I explored hockey as a possible replacement sport. That, I think, is not going to happen. My decision, here, has an added benefit – with the exception of a rare golf tournament I now have no reason whatsoever to look at anything on television. Freedom and peace.


And this. I no longer wish to associate with this.

I would suggest former fans use their time for personal betterment. Go to the gym. Run. Box. Hunt. Anything so long as it is physical and personal. 70% of Americans have the physical appearance of bloated zombie jellyfish. Watching sports on TV, and water-down sports at that, doesn’t cut it. Rather than watching dim-witted heathens and rapists prance around wearing pink while giving you the finger, do something for yourselves.

Or not. Your call.

The game used to be fun and noble. It is no longer. Goodbye and good riddance.