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This past fall I pretty much cut football out of my life. However, on October 3rd I reserved my right “like a good hypocrite” to revisit for exceptional games. The specific example I gave was the Patriots next Super Bowl. And, today, February 5th, here we are.

New England is going to win tonight (should win). But it’s not simply due to talent. Both teams are immensely talented. It’s about emotional control. Says Tom Brady:

“You kind of have to be right on the edge. It’s such an emotional game. You don’t want to be out of control, but you can’t play with no emotion. You strike different chords for different emotions at different times.”

That might sound strange coming from a player who rarely hides his feelings on the field. Just think back to his return game in Cleveland after his four-game “Deflategate” suspension, when Brady was pumping up Patriots fans on hand during warmups.

Yet he insists Super Bowl Sunday calls for moderation in approach.

“It’s a long day,” Brady said. “I mean it’s a long day because it’s been a long week because there’s a lot of things you’re doing. You’re doing a lot more things this week than you normally do for a game week. Just to get to the game, it ends up being … a four-hour game? A longer pregame and a longer halftime, so … it ends up being 4½ to five hours.

“You’ve got to be able to have something left at the end of the game. You can’t waste it all early in the third quarter.”

A quick look back to New England’s victory over Seattle in the 2015 Super Bowl shows that Brady and the Patriots had plenty left. They rallied from a 10-point hole to win.

The Falcons are far from out of control, but NE are the base masters. They’ve been here before. They’ll be here again (probably next year).

Anyway, it looks to be a very good game.

It also, back to the reasons for abandoning the sport, looks to be an SJW-fest. Reports say everyone from Lady Gaga to Budweiser is gearing up to make some sort of idiotic anti-American political statement. If they do, and if the American fans tolerate it, then the SJW win.

Speaking of winning, I’m going to start the meme parade early: