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I love Fred Reed. I mentioned, a while back, my admiration for James Altucher and Vox Day. I should have included Fred in that company, so I do so, now. Read his weekly articles at Fred On Everything.

Fred lives in the hills somewhere around Guadalajara and/or Lago de Chapala. His geography, wit, and previous experience allow him ample firepower to tackle the pressing issues of our late day.

This week he, again, delves deep into the uncomfortable cesspool of the American underbelly (or greater society as it’s also known). His thoughts center on the late madness in Charlotte and associated pathology.

And they attack whites. It doesn’t matter to them who did what to whom. An African cop in an African city with an African police chief shoots an African criminal, and the rioters attack whites. In Milwaukee a black cop shot a black criminal and the tribesmen called for burning white suburbs. We seeing an episodic, one-sided–so far–race war. We will not admit it as then we would have to do something about it, and we do not know what.

It is coming. One day rioting blacks will try to loot the wrong store, burn the wrong house, beat the wrong white man, and hell will cut loose. Talking about law-abiding blacks, law-abiding whites, will make no difference at all. There were law-abiding Protestants, law-abiding Catholics in Ireland. Did that stop the violence?

Three solutions, or ameliorations, offer themselves: Repression of rioting and enforcement of the law. Segregation. And having it go on forever or blow up hugely. Choose. Refusal to choose selects option three.

Nobody is talking about this issue. At least not honestly talking. There’s some chanting. A little looting. Rioting, burning, maiming, murdering, beating and robbing – but no talking. No thinking. Consider, if you can get away from the TeeVee long enough his three choices. We’re on a default collision course with the third.


Independent Journal Review

This is the same sort of debacle Europe faces regarding the unchecked migrations and invasion. We face that too, to a lesser but growing, degree.

Does this upset you? For any reason? Good. That means you are thinking about it, at least subconsciously. Thinking might lead to acting – acting for better solutions. Doing nothing leads to some inevitability too.

Fred is also big on science, culture, education, and politics. I don’t know if he’s a cigar brother. I imagine he is.