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Good and bad news on the terror front today.

The good news is Hussein Obama’s veto of the 9/11 Bill was soundly overridden. Now perhaps we can get some answers there.

The bad news: we got answers today about Omar Mateen’s shooting rampage in Orlando. The details are not pretty. The FBI finally released the rest of the 911/negotiation recording transcripts. The massacre was prompted, on ISIS’s behalf, by the drone killing of Abu Wahid and some other terrorists in Iraq. It also suggests Marteen was not necessarily a lone wolf. This is called blow back. It is facilitated by our crazed foreign policies and our suicidal immigration laws.

I was suspicious of the official lie…story all along.


Perrin Lovett, June 21, 2016.

Thirteen lines out of nearly half an hour of conversation was BS. Now we have the rest of the story (TRANSCRIPT).


Free Beacon / Orlando PD / Justice Dept.[SIC]

This is what we get. This is what Geo. Washington warned us about. A product of needless wars and deadly population replacement. It is the result of our stupid, blind allegiance to the globalists, the banksters, the oil companies and the arms dealers. It is dead Americans; 49 that night as the negotiation went on.

How much is enough? Apparently for the maniacs in D.C. there is no such thing as too much war or too many dead people. They will keep on bombing and then import more angry savages, utterly incompatible with Western Civilization.

Some people get it. In response to my early post, Terrorism By The Numbers, a Facebook friend replied: “Can you imagine America taking in 100,000 German refugees *while* we were bombing Dresden?” That sums it up perfectly. We are attacking an enemy that wasn’t until we attacked, and in a place where we have no business. Then we bring the enemy here, unfettered. The results are predictable.

As our leaders have betrayed us, we must help ourselves. We can start by gunning down the next Omar Mateen before he gets started. Enough is enough.