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Monday night during that pitiful excuse for a debate I heard several semi-coherent blurbs about fighting ISIS and terrorism. Most of these blurbs were accusations leveled from one RepubliCrat to another. Essentially there was no strategy discussed.

Much of the current political and military lying about ISIS concerns Syria. The plan seems to be: fund and equip ISIS until it is time to bomb them; then do so, violating international agreements. For all the craziness, the plan does make sense geographically. ISIS is in Syria. They’re also in America.

They’re active in America. Which country is Orlando located in? How about New York? Minneapolis? San Bernardino? They’re everywhere, here. And that is literally the truth.

Recently linked FBI data shows that Islamic and other terrorists have been active in every state during the past year. Here’s a map:


FBI / Breitbart.

Seven thousand seven hundred and twelve encounters in the past year. Not all, obviously, were violent. Still, this rate and quantity is ridiculous.

The FBI has been criticized frequently for their seeming inability to combat terrorism even when the suspect(s) are on the radar. Maybe they are overwhelmed. 7,712 cases could do that.

Information analyzed out of Arizona revealed that a little over 80% of the cases (215 out of 267) involved Islamic terrorists. It could just be that we have an Islamic terror problem in this country (not Syria).

The Regime’s solution is simply: just bring in more Muslims – by any means necessary. If they wind up on the terror watch / deportation list, make them citizens. Hillary Clinton will continue this program, accelerating it if possible. It will continue under Donald Trump, his bombastic counter-assertions aside.

America was not like this not all that long ago. We had problems then, yes. But, call me crazy, things seemed better back then. The numbers.