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I like Charlotte. As far as big cities go it’s one of the best. Great cigar shops. Rocking chairs in the big commercial airport. I went to my first NRA convention there.

Yet, for two nights in a row now, the Queen City has become the epicenter of the collapse of old America. Some random thoughts:

  • I wasn’t there but shooting Keith Scott just because he had a gun is BS. Again, I wasn’t there. Neither were you.
  • Where did the book come from? Was it Nine Millimeter by Hi Point?
  • The cops confronted Scott while trying to serve a warrant on someone else. That is how the justice system operates or used to. Is this something people in Charlotte want discontinued?
  • Scott, a black man, was shot by an officer, also a black man. Why am I, as a result, a “f*cking devil“? That’s not going to win any sympathy. I know you’re upset, bub, but take your racism and go to hell. Seriously.
  • There’s a collection of black preachers in Charlotte called “THUG”.
  • THUG immediately called for a boycott of white business – because a black man shot a black man. Priorities.
  • Boycott really means loot and burn.
  • This sh*t is starting to get really old.
  • This is and is not a racial problem. I see a lot of white faces among the rioters.
  • All this must please ISIS to no end. Don’t forget about them. They like a diversion.
  • Where is Hussein Obama?
  • Tearing up hotels, apartments, interstate, police cars, buses, shops, and WalMart stores is one thing. If you really want a race war, loot the NASCAR hall of fame.
  • I would avoid Charlotte until the National Guard is retracted.
  • I would avoid any major city center right now.
  • Unless Scott used his “book” in a threatening manner, unprovoked, he should not have been shot. People who need to be shot include:
  • People blocking interstates;
  • People burning trucks;
  • People looting Walmart;
  • People looting halls of fame;
  • People attacking reporters;
  • People attacking houses;
  • People committing arson;
  • People who shoot others without provocation.
  • Shoot just a few of them and the rest will go home.


Who needs zombie movies? News Observer.

If this is the new normal in America, then we really don’t need ISIS. Arm up and avoid the cities. This is starting to make me ill.