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The United States is free-falling as fast as WTC No. 7. Remember the “gotta fight ’em over there so we don’t have to fight ’em over here” refrain from ten years (or so) ago? Right or wrong thinking, that’s ancient history now.

“Our” government is bombing our enemies abroad in support of our other enemies so that associated enemies can bomb us here. Washington has made little sense since the Cleveland administration.

Yesterday, in Syria, U.S.forces bombed the embattled national army … in support of ISIS. In Obama-speak, the JV team is fighting a D2 college squad; to help Obama sent in some pro ringers. The bombing allowed ISIS to at least temporarily advance. U.S. commanders, such as they are (if any), say the run was an accident. Russia is mad as hell, seeing this for what it is – a violation of the recent cease-fire agreement. Americans watch reality Teevee and football.

Last week U.S. special forces suffered embarrassment in Syria. They are in country to advise and support “rebel” fighters, who at any given time support or are ISIS. The hardened American troops, the greatest on Earth ever, retreated hastily after being called names by the angry locals. Americans got tattoos.

The fighters scream anti-American chants as a column of pick-up trucks carrying US commandos drives away from them.

“Christians and Americans have no place among us,” shouts one man in the video. “They want to wage a crusader war to occupy Syria.”

Another man calls out: “The collaborators of America are dogs and pigs. They wage a crusader war against Syria and Islam. ”

This assessment is 100% correct: Americans (and now Christians) simply have no legitimate business in Syria. That nation is small, far-away, inconsequential, and of now interest to Americans.


U.S. Commandos discuss support for ISIS in Syria. Telegraph, UK.

The inverse opposite can also be said, correctly: that Syrians and Muslims have no business in America or the West. That would include places like New Jersey, New York, and Minnesota. Yesterday, while the government killed and maimed where we don’t belong, the Muslims returned the favor, here.

In New Jersey a Marine Corps fun-run was canceled after a bomb exploded in a trash can. No-one was injured in the attack. Americans searched for Pokemon.

Then, in New York City, dozens were injured when a bomb exploded in a dumpster near a high-rise residential building in Chelsea. A second device was disarmed. Americans gorged on empty carbohydrates.


Bomb blast, NYC. Daily Mail.

It’s not clear if these bombing were related or coordinated. Happening the same day in the same region is mere coincidence. Could have easily been the work of a Confederate Battle Flag or a rogue AR-15.

There was a definite Muslim angle in Minnesota. Last night a Somali import stabbed eight people at a mall while extolling the virtues of Allah. He was shot dead. Americans gleefully spent money they didn’t have.


The All-American mall, Saturday night. Daily Mail (notice how the European press actually covers America? Odd, huh?

Minnesotans may have noticed slight changes in their state lately. If the Somalis aren’t trying to rape young girls, they’re hacking away in the food court. Diversity and all that strength.

Given all of these attacks, I’m a little suspicious about the Colonial Pipeline leak. Disruption in one or two major gas supply lines would cause have more damage than one or two bombs in garbage cans.

This news all comes fifteen years and a week post 9/11. People often lament that America isn’t the same country it was 50 years ago. It isn’t. And it’s not even the same place it was in 2001. If people want to survive, it may be time to give up television, the obesity, the triviality, the willful ignorance, and the support of a government that actively operates against them.It’s time to wake up. Past time.