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The Uber-bots are already on the streets in some cities. In five years or less all their cars will be driverless, as will taxis, limos, long-haul trucks and many delivery vans. Trains, ships and planes will follow shortly. In ten years self-driving will be the norm. They may become exclusive or even mandatory in twenty.

Except for me. I’ll be speeding around your little computer, BlueTooth, Pokemon, safety bubbles Demolition Man style. Robots cars, robot lawn mowers, robot vacuum cleaners, robot WalMart carts, robot refrigerators, robot robots. No thanks. I saw The Terminator.

Market Watch is worried – not about the cars, but about the 4.1 million jobs that will soon be lost. Read this quote:

“There will be delays, setbacks, and gruesome accidents. Some people will call for putting an end to this. And others will refuse to get into those cars. But this is happening.” – Wolf Richter

“There will be … gruesome accidents.” That’s enough for me. I’m one with the refusing party. The last human Uber driver might thank us.


Uber-bot prepares for a gruesome “accident”. Market Watch.

Of course, robots won’t try to rape your teenage daughter as did one sub-human Uber driver in Minnesota. At least not yet; Google may be working on that. As is, Dahir Aden did try to rape a young woman passenger. Only her quick thinking and a fast police response saved her. (Someone please buy her a pistol for Christmas.)

I notice that WCCO, CBS failed to post a mug shoot of Aden. Hmmm. One would think the public would like to know what he looks like for future avoidance purposes. In case you have a daughter (just a quickie). Or, if you go to an office party or a night club (Allah Akbar!). Here he is:


Fox 9, a more honest station. (If Obama had a 10,001st “refugee”…).

Is this really what we’ve come to? A choice between rapefugee savages and killer droids?

Big trucks and big guns, folks. Get ’em while you can.