I’ve had my head deep in a project or two for the past two days. So it was that I did not hear about FSU’s monumental loss to Louisville. Also I didn’t hear about the Alabama gas pipeline break and impending shortages until this afternoon, late.

I was able to rush out and fuel the cars without much hassle. Yet I’m still a little disappointed in myself. I’m usually the one who knows these things first. I had a good excuse but still. Wow.



And to think just today I was talking to a young relative who just started driving. I was telling him how costly and terrible cars are. The subject of gasoline came up. I even mentioned that, long ago in another age, I even had a gas reservoir at my house. (I did!) We talked about the last pipeline outage and how I was prepared for it.

This evening I found myself unprepared and out of touch. That’s bad. Yes, I was busy. But that is usually when a crisis strikes. This one will likely be over in a few days at most. Colonial could stand to lose %tens of million$ every day. They’re not going to be slow with a fix. By the way, if you live in AL, GA, TN, SC, NC, or VA, make sure you have a full tank now. The governor’s in the first two states have already declared emergencies.

The Chinese say crisis is the same thing as opportunity. I’m taking this opportunity to reprimand myself for two days of slack. Pay attention.