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Today is a day for everyman. It’s not just a day to cook out. It’s not just a day off. It is certainly not another occasion for state worship. Please watch perhaps the greatest Labor Day speech ever:


Al Bundy explained (partially excerpted transcript):

Greeting, Vultures. Your meal ticket’s here.

Well, we can’t do something that you want, and I’ll tell you why. Because its, it’s Labor
Day, not Leech Day – that’s Christmas. It’s not Parasite Day – that’s Mother’s Day. See,this is a holiday for the working guy. It celebrates all the people who work so that allthe people who don’t… [referring to his family] …get to live longer and have more
than he does. So tomorrow, unless, God willing, I die in my sleep, I get up for me and
celebrate for me. Tomorrow is Al Bun-Day.

Labor Day. What does it mean to us? To answer that question, we hark back [scratches his back with the barbecue fork] to earlier times. You see, kids… while the cavewoman sat around getting fat, smoking cigarettes and watching The Phil Jabberman Show, the caveman braved the elements, risking life and limb and the pre-historic beasts, with only the hair on his back for protection… [time passes by] …In 1492, Columbus brought Labor Day to America… [more time passes] …and the women STILL did nothing! And that’s what Labor Day means to me.

-Al Bundy, Married With Children, Episode 58: Hot Off The Grill (1989).

A little sexist maybe but that was Al in a different era. You know what he was working with.

Today, think about what you’re working with and then thank yourselves for what you have. Refrain from speaking of the government at all. That institution and its owners have moved heaven and earth to rob you, to prevent you from prospering or even working at all. Staggering numbers of men are not counted in the workforce today even as we are told of the strong recovery – that never seems to fully recover.

Happy Labor Day!