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ISIS most definitely was a U.S. government creation. That, or the terrorist organization has been in close contact with Washington. Their patterns of lying (and violence) are just too similar to ignore.

Now ISIS is claiming that hundreds of their fighters have “snuck” into Europe to carry out jihad. Lies, lies, lies, lies. This statement is demonstrably false on two counts.

First, the mad Mohammedans did not sneak into Europe. They were welcomed in, ushered in, recruited by the like of Weyward Merkel (not certain what happened to her two sisters). Hell, some of the jihadis may have been forcibly admitted to the Continent. Second, there are not hundreds of them. There are thousands, maybe tens of thousands.


Looks like someone needs to meet his virgins.

And those are just the ones who will carry out or attempt large-scale attacks. Hundreds of thousands, or maybe a million or more, will engage in soft terrorism of the everyday variety. One such incident happened in Belfort, France on Saturday. Author Ghislain Gilberti and his 12-year old son were viciously beaten by a gang of four muslim rapefugees. Gilberti’s ten-year-old daughter was verbally assaulted though spared a beating (maybe those four were just “into” little boys).

Many thanks to Vox Day for bringing that story to light and for sharing that Gilberti is (was) a pro-invasion apologist. His crime which brought the ire of the savages was in using “Jihad” in the title of a book. For this they beat him unconscious, broke his arm, and called him a “filthy white”.

**Note: I’d like to point out that in this article alone I have used the terms “jihad” and “jihadi” along with “mad Mohammedan”. I’ve also called this scum “rapefugees” and “savages”; I have called them out as liars; implied four of them might be queer; and I have compared them to the U.S. government (that’s close to the line, I know). I also just called them scum. Also, don’t send just four to this filthy white.

If the savages are willing to attack someone who regularly defends their savagery and a 12-year-old boy, I think that makes them terrorists. These are the same kind that attack motorists for fun, rape and molest European women, and generally make a menace of themselves.

So, hundreds really means thousands – as to the hardened jihadis. Additionally there are maybe a million common criminal terrorist lurking about. The entire body of the recent arrivals is known as a proven drain on the nations of Europe. And that’s the whole of it. Our genocidal globalist enemy would saddle us with terrorists, criminals, and leaches. All that and ISIS can’t even be trusted to accurately represent their own information. Sad.