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Yesterday morning I had the privilege of visiting the headquarters of Peak Performance Fitness International. There and online, under the tutelage of my friend Craig Bryan, ordinary people becomes athletes and athletes become superstars.

The process starts with clients receiving an assessment of their overall health and physical state. With a clear picture of where they are at present, they forge individual plans for transformative fitness. These plans vary depending on individual goals. Those goals will invariably include both cardio-vascular work and anaerobic exercises (weight training). Peak places a special emphasis on stretching in order to achieve optimal results.

Diet plays just as large a role, if not larger, in personal fitness than physical exercise. Thus, Peak assists clients with tailored meal planning to ensure proper weight loss or gain as dictated by the clients’ goals.

Peak specializes in athletic performance. “Here at Peak Performance WE BUILD ATHLETES by building functional strength which translates to better performance on the playing field making the athlete GAME READY. Providing sports specific training, speed, mobility and agility training, core and rotational strength, proper lifting techniques and progressions, injury prevention and quicker recovery as well as pre and post rehab strengthening.” That means they help the athlete perform better, regardless of the game.

It’s an impressive system and a bit more comprehensive than what most might associate with getting in shape.


Heavy things.

The gym itself is smaller than most. Then again, most fitness clubs are designed for use by dozens or hundreds of people at any given time. Peak’s emphasis is on individuals. Smaller is better in this sense. They have everything one needs without clutter, all of it state-of-the-art. It’s like a cross between an iron gym and a sports medicine clinic.

Of course, this being the 21st century, one need not actually visit the location for benefits. Craig offers on-line training and consulting. I hear he works with people as far away as Australia.

Craig has also blended his own line of meal supplements under the Performance Zone brand. These are available for purchase by telephone and will be offered online (the website is brand new with an operational store “coming soon”).

I tried a Lean Green protein shake for lunch and was impressed. It packs 42 grams of protein with only 200 calories and a low carbohydrate count (low sugar). It easily mixed up in water without a blender and, as promised, it did taste great. I would describe the taste as vanilla spiked with broccoli – tasty and healthy together. It was filling and provided a good deal of energy for several hours.

IMG_20160808_123419214 - Edited

As seen with my bag gloves so you know I’m serious. Lean Green, so mean, it’s keen; not obscene but good for the spleen.. I may have found a product to endorse.


My visit for part tour, part friendly get-together, and part idea swap. I love to hear and see what other people are up to, to see friends excel. Craig’s been doing this a long time. In his office, there’s a picture of him and Arnold Schwarzenegger, circa the Pumping Iron days. Still, he’s finding new ways to bring fitness to the digital age, faster, better, with more efficiency and accuracy than ever.

Idea trading is more than just shooting the breeze, although that can be fun in its own right. Cross-business exploration provides inspiration on all levels. One can always learn something new and apply it to one’s life – even if the observed subject is outside one’s core field. The there’s the rubbing-off aspect; I left Peak wanting to play football.



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