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So … at the bottom of this post you will probably notice (if you keep scrolling) a small advertisement for something or other. I mentioned a few days ago that I don’t control these ads; WordPress (my awesome hosting platform) places them. The reason for this is that my site is considered a “free” site by WP. That’s not entirely accurate; I pay a small fee to keep “wordpress” out of my link address and to have the “.me”. I was once at “.com” for a while but I forgot to renew (always forgetting something) and a domain pirate swooped in a grabbed it.

They will kindly sell the .com back for about $2,800 – up from $600 or so thanks to the increase in my site’s popularity. (Thanks, all).

Anyway, my next step with WP is to go professional. That comes with a host of neat features but costs a little. I’m planning on stepping up by the end of the year. (Donations will be accepted soon at GoFundMe…..).

Until then, this is how the WP ads work:



I’ve never intended to burden my readers or slow down my site with a lot of ads. At some point I may run some targeted “affiliate” ads for things I recommend; knowing me, those will probably be cigars and guns. Until then, I am happy to suffer the occasional WP ad in exchange for reasonable pricing.

When I’m not ranting about cigars, guns, or wall rugs, I tend toward political news with an anarchist point of view. I do not endorse politicians unless they are exceptional (Ron Paul) or dead (Leo Ryan) or both (Cicero). However, it has come to my attention that WP has been running political ads lately – this being political ad season.

Like Facebook and Google, there must be a liberal slant at WP because the only ads I see (and readers notice) are Hillary Clinton ads. I recently wrote a short piece about how Hillary is a criminal and, low and behold, it was accompanied by an “I’m with her.” ad. Funny but I don’t even like the appearance that I might be endorsing a candidate, especially Killary.

Since I cannot afford to dispense with the ads yet I have began to counter them with a disclaimer: “*The gag “ad(s)” above this line are endorsed by Perrin Lovett; those below are not.”; and with little “ads” of my own. It looks something like this to readers:


This process has allowed me to make use of a meme generator for the first time. That’s fun. I hope this serves as sufficient explanation. Until such time as the ads are done away with, please know: I’m with freedom.


joe w hill

*The gag “ad(s)” above this line are endorsed by Perrin Lovett; those below are not.