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Here follows a rare, non-cigar, product review and recommendation.

The other day I told you about Peak Performance and Lean Green protein. Lean Green is a meal supplement and something one takes after a hard workout to burn fat and build muscle. Today I tried another great Peak product: Zone 20.

Zone is a pre-workout energy booster. Think of it as several cups of coffee and some vitamins with the taste of Tang. Something like that. It helps you retain water, stay focused and stay energized during your gym session. Lord knows I needed it today.

I workout best in the morning. I workout best when I’m consistent, rested and full of life. One thing led to another this week and today, in the afternoon, I found myself dragging into the gym with all the pep and determination of a salted slug. I mixed up some Zone 20 and went to work. It was amazing.

When I say I was beat, I really mean wore out – like a Clinton lie wore out. The Zone gave me just enough power to get through the day’s lifting and stretching without a crash. Under normal circumstances I’m sure I would have hit 120% efficiency. This stuff is incredible.

I’ve used similar drink mixes before. Most work but many leave me with the jitters. One causes me to break out in a full-body hive. All the gym-bunnies just loooove that… Another works great (really great) but leaves my heart racing for the next 18 hours. That’s a little too much power.

Zone 20 is the happy balance. It provides the zip with none of the aggravating and maybe life-threatening side effects. If you’re wore out and need a pick-me-up, or if you’re looking to take your next workout to a new level, try some 20.


Zone 20 Orange.

To order your Lean Green or Zone 20, please contact Peak through their website. I am a friend of the company but NOT a paid spokesman (though I’m sure Craig will probably want to give me more free samples now….).

Something like Zone could help make the difference between this pathetic blob:

RSCN1101 - Edited

and this deadly machine:


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