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Yesterday I announced a new book project in a nearly backhanded way. Being big is a big problem in America. I wasn’t making fun though I would like to cash in. That’s honesty. Here’s more honesty: we have a massive epidemic on our hands (and guts, thighs, etc.). A few of the facts:



35% of Americans are obese. That’s 111 million people. http://stateofobesity.org/rates/.

Almost 70% of Americans are obese or overweight. 223 million. That’s a vast majority being vast. Id.

Rates of physical inactivity range from 16% in Colorado to 31% in Mississippi. Id.

Obesity is costing around $200 Billion! per year in medical care. Virtually all of this is preventable Id.

Obesity-related illnesses kill 300,000 people each year (the number could be closer to 500,000). WV Dept. Health and Human Resources.

One in five American deaths is related to obesity. Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Sugar, tasty as it is, is poison. Id.

Being overweight can lead to: heart disease; high blood pressure; stroke, diabetes, high blood fat; failing metabolism; cancer; osteoarthritis; sleep apnea; hypertension; gallstones – among many other problems. Nat’l. Inst. of Health.

While being “overweight” could be explained by an excess of water, bone, or muscle (or by being fat), being “obese” just means being overly fat. NIH.

As the majority of Americans are now overweight, being normal is now abnormal. This isn’t good.

Americans eat 20% more than they did in 1983. publichealth.org.

Americans spend over $20 Billion a year on diet schemes – they’re not working. Id.

Obesity has doubled in the past four decades and it’s getting worse. ADA. 70% and worsening. What’s next? 90%? 99%?

In a way these facts are indicative of the prosperity of America. We produce more food than ever. Food is easier to come by than ever. Activities are less demanding than ever. Government evil and cultural idiocy aside, life is better than ever. Even our poorest people (especially the poor) are overweight these days. That’s a historical anomaly among the human population. It’s proof of too much of a good thing, maybe.

I was among the ranks of the new normal for a long time. Too long. Too many wasted years. Getting into shape and staying there isn’t easy. It isn’t difficult either. We can reverse these trends.


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