Sometimes it’s hard to get any traction. I’ve been in a slump for a few days myself. Today, I broke through it. Here’s what I recollect about how it happened.

Exercise. It’s important to get in some sort of physical activity during the day. Especially if you lead an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. I sit behind a keyboard much of the day so I compensate by hitting the gym or the trails. Not lately. Since last Saturday I’ve been going to the gym, doing nothing, and then leaving. Blah.

Today I went in feeling kind of bland. I didn’t have high expectations. Then the scale told me my weight is exactly where I want it. That helped. After that the workout just clicked. It was a simple chest and back day, nothing fancy. I killed it. It felt good during and after. I can still feel the energy. Try it if you’re feeling blah.

Diet, sleeping and water play a big role in healthy happiness too. Garbage in, garbage out. Don’t sleep and you’re a zombie. No water, no life. Your own activity can’t be the inspiration you need, physically and beyond.

Sometimes one needs a little mental stimulation. For me it gets a little boring behind the keyboard sometimes. I frequently read, research, and write about things that can be downright disturbing. I break it up with a variety of clicks. Here are some of my daily favorites:

My comics. I start every work day by looking at Garfield, Get Fuzzy, Pearls Before Swine, and Dilbert – in that order. Sometimes I look at others and I do check out the better political cartoons from around the country. I always view the big four. One, they’re hilarious. Laughter is powerful. Two, they frequently make a lot of sense, especially Dilbert. Pausing to think is powerful too.


Jim Davis, Garfield, August 4, 2016.

James Altucher and Vox Day. To a degree these men are in the same business and yet they couldn’t be more different. Both are writers and publishers. Both are best-selling superstars. Both inspire. James does it with his utterly humble demeanor, his exposed vulnerabilities, and his persistence. I don’t think Vox is vulnerable, period. He’s still humble though and very persistent. Altucher does business advice and no-BS life coaching. Day makes books and video games and he bears the standard of the counter-counterculture. I learn a lot from both.

If Vox is a little too extreme or James a little too rambling for you, then there are 1,000s of alternatives out there. Just look and you’ll find them. If I’m one, then I’m honored – I can be both extreme and rambling. A lot of you guys and gals inspire me too. Thanks.

If you don’t like Garfield or Dilbert, there’s something really wrong with you. Whatever that might be, you had best go run it out.